Back and Better than Ever! (RIP Devblog. Long Live the Devblog)


Hey folks, it's been a long time since I've posted here, I've begun to feel the blogging itch again. The Devblog split really messed up my flow, so when I started at my new job, the format became discouraging. I considered nuking all my posts and starting fresh on a Wordpress install, but in the end, my blogging engine Kirby served me well, and some of my posts provide value (at least to me).

I had some professional help at one point to try to turn this blog into a Mac productivity site, but in the end, I know the demographic that likes to read Soundsmitten, and posts like that are preachy and ingenuous. I'm ready to get back into what this blog did best: some personal posts, and some app reviews. I'll even sprinkle in some responses to today's disconcerting politics (see last post) and pop culture and music that I've been digging lately.

As a result, the Devblog is gone. It didn't serve me well, and the broken links hurt indexing and people's sanity. I've recombined those posts with the main site, and have removed the Devblog partitioning.

I have some great ideas of posts to share, and I hope to recoup a spot on your RSS reader. Cheers!