Mega Update, or "C-ing" the Objectives: Financial Reality, App Ideas, and Other Thoughts

As you can see from the title, this post is about to be all-over-the-place. Follow along and you'll be able to see the disparate spinning plates in my life right now.


Landing an iOS job at my entry-to-mid-level abilities in Chicago hasn't been easy. I'm all over Glassdoor applying for everything, no matter how senior a role looks. I've always been weary of the wording of a job description, parsing each sentence for a reason not to apply. Not anymore: As long as the grammar and spelling is acceptable, I'll respond to a posting. My unemployment is getting a bit drawn-out and I am restless despite the huge progress I've made.

At this point in my development, going to a code bootcamp is a waste of money. I've looked through the curriculum of a bunch of places, and I already have a deep understanding of the topics. I'm fortunate to be able to love being self-taught and have laser focus (almost to a fault). Sure, I might have more assistance with career development, but from what I hear, employers are skeptical of bootcamps. I think bootcamps are great if you're starting from scratch, but that doesn't fit my experience and coding ability.

I've had the luxury of getting fully immersed in Apple technologies, but dropping money to sit in a cafe all day studying is not sustainable1. I have to find some sort of part-time gig. As of this week, I'm swallowing my pride, and I'm open to anything. Eventually I want to either work at a great place or be my own boss as a software engineer, but right now I need to keep the lights on and a roof over my head and be able to eat well and stay healthy.


I found that my biggest hole in my resume was my lack of knowledge of Objective-C. I had touched it in a Mobile Development course in college, but it's been four years since I've coded in Objective-C. I just got through Devslopes' Objective-C Crash course, and I can now confidently say that I have a good grasp of the language.

I think the other hole in my knowledge is architectural concepts and design patterns, and I'll be focusing on this (as well as interview questions) this week.


Let's face it: I'm not excited about Tabsmitten, and I do not have the motivation to put out an app that is not marketable. Also, I'll never recoup the cost of the server-side component. So the code I've written for Tabsmitten is going in the trash. I feel like it's the right choice.

I was also considering making a Dropbox music player that did the database indexing on my server. I soon realized that it would be easy for Dropbox to Sherlock my idea, and as a result, I won't be working on that app.

I have an idea for a little one-and-done utility. It may use some sort of encryption, which will be a good learning opportunity. Sync (if there is any) will probably be through Dropbox, so I won't incur any sync costs.

How you can help

I'd love to be able to build more of an online presence and keep putting out apps. It to takes a lot of time and persistence, but I'm up to the challenge. I'm just showing up every day and putting in the work. Hopefully I can start blogging daily here as well.

Here's how you can help: download my app, and give me some feedback. It's a specialized medical app, but it's free-to-download (with a $4.99 in-app purchase) so you have nothing to lose. I've already have had a lot of helpful suggestions, and I'm open for more! Depending on the volume of feedback and download numbers, I'll put out updates.2 Also, I'd love your input of what I should build next. I want it to be a utility that fills a void and is not calendar-based.3

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  1. <p>I have a lot of trouble focusing at home. It's a small studio, my bed is right there, and my gaming monitor beckons me to procrastinate. The library is not a true option because I can see every strobe of fluorescent lights and it hurts my eyes. That leaves me with the cafe, which I love.&#160;<a href="#fnref1:1" rev="footnote" class="footnote-backref">&#8617;</a></p>
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