2017 - An Overdue Retrospective, Part 3: Enjoyable Nintendo Switch Games


Welcome to Part 3 of my (much overdue) multi-part retrospective of 2017. On to some of my favorite video games of 2017. I love my Nintendo Switch, so I'll be focusing on that platform.

Nintendo Switch Games I Enjoyed

Once again, I'll be bypassing the first-party titles, which I played and loved, and taking a dive into indies.

  • Steamworld Dig 2: This Metroidvania-style game has amazing visuals, music, and level design. Don't miss it.
  • Shovel Knight Treasure Trove: The OG of modern pixel art platformers. The Specter Knight expansion has some of the best chiptune music.
  • Wulverblade: A tough-as-nails gory 2D beat-em-up set in Roman-Empire-era England.
  • Fast RMX A thrilling F-Zero clone ported from the Wii U.
  • Mighty Gunvolt Burst mighty-gunvolt-burst-switch): I was underwhelmed at first with this Mega Man clone, but as I kept playing, the character customization, great boss battles, and urge to find all the special items, got me addicted. Very well done.
  • Mr. Shifty: Not the most optimized frame-rate wise (also crashed a lot), or deep, but a fun over-the-top brawler. Will get your heart pumping.

For multiplayer, nothing beats Mario Kart 8. However, I did have a blast with my brother with old school Arcade Archives Mario Bros.