100 Days of Code Day 2: LashViewer, more Advanced Swift, and Planning


Not much new today. I pushed the photo gallery code that I was writing to GitHub, read a bit more of objc.io's Advanced Swift, and continued to brainstorm new app ideas. In other news, I've taken to cooking meals rather than eating out, which has been very satisfying.

Photo Gallery: That's All, Folks

As I wrote at length about yesterday, my photo app was not to be. The enthusiasm/money just isn't there. The incomplete code that is LashViewer is free to everyone under the WTFPL, because I don't give one. I learned a lot and am ready for the next project.

Advanced Swift

I'm hoping to dive more into generics. I haven't had the chance to learn about them until reading the Advanced Swift book. In Moodsmitten, I didn't touch them, but I think there could have been places where I could have written some helper functions that would have simplified things.

I didn't write much new code today, which is probably the whole point of the 100 days, but I've punched in every example in the book into Playgrounds and have fiddled with it a lot. I count that as doing something! The whole point for me is to document my progress.

App Ideas

Thinking of ideas is the hardest part of app development. My goal with Moodsmitten was to learn the ropes and get something out there. I wasn't seeking sales or publicity. This time around, I want to build a semi-successful app.

Stay Tuned...

Will I think up a great app idea? Will Advanced Swift continue to be an epic page turner? Will I accidentally burn the food on the stove? Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment of the 100 Days of Code.

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