Apple v. Kapeli: Apple was Reasonable


Like any Apple developer, it's time to weigh in Kapeli's suspended accounts, the removal of the top-notch documentation browser Dash from the app stores, and the fallout.

TL;DR This time, Apple is in the right. Kapeli's developer did not cooperate and pulled an ethically-questionable stunt recording a phone call with an Apple representative.

First off, I'd like to say that Popescu is an amazing developer. I was a supporter when DashExpander was a thing, and paid the $30 as soon as he charged for it. With the release of Dash, he continued to polish and improve the app. I really do love it.

However, Apple needs to protect against fraud. Like it or not, anything connected to your credit card is YOUR responsibility, plain and simple. Kapeli might have not perpetuated the fraud, but this is how life works in the modern world. Apple may or may not have contacted his account right away, but Apple wanted to resolve this issue and get Dash back on the app stores. They went above and beyond explaining their stance to Popescu and gave him a very fair path to get his developer account reactivated. Popescu then had the misguided idea to record a conversation with an Apple representative and post it on his blog. As a result, he may have burned the most vital bridge he could burn!

And then there's the actual phone call, which doesn't help Kapeli's case in any way. Kapeli's logic in the phone conversation is stubborn and misguided. He either fails or refuses to comprehend Apple's side of the story, and fails to suck it up and take steps to get his account reactivated. As a result, Kapeli just lost a huge chunk of business. I wish him the best, but he messed up trying to expose Apple.

Kapeli will take a huge hit. There are a growing number of people power user iPad-only folks like Federico who aren't afraid to dish out a fair price for an excellent app like Dash. Also, an iOS compliment fuels Mac app sales.

Let me be clear, I love and continue to use Dash, and will pay for every major version. There is simply no alternative that comes close. I encourage you to support Popescu through these difficult times and purchase a copy.