Retiring Moodsmitten


It was long overdue, but Moodsmitten has been pulled from the App Store. I have a few good reasons, so bear with me.

For a while, I planned on pushing out a huge update that had a today widget, Apple Watch support, and new code to account for Swift 3, the new notifications API, and the third-party libraries I was rocking. It was mostly done, but maintaining the app was becoming a chore that I wasn't excited about.

Due to it being my first commercial product, the quality of Moodsmitten's UX and codebase was lacking. The cumbersome use of collection views to input snippets, the terrible graphics drawing performance when changing pages, and the unusable chart implementation really hold the app back to the point that a complete rewrite would be necessary. On top of that, the architecture itself was shoddy.

I'm not going to have to issue refunds because the app did not sell. I probably only made less than ten dollars altogether. On top of that, there are apps that do the same thing and more that run circles around Moodsmitten. qhIn the end, I should have made the app a $4.99 paid app rather than having an in-app purchase. Most of the people who downloaded my app did not spring for the in-app purchase.

I hope no one is inconvenienced by Moodsmitten's death, but you'll be better served by other CBT apps. Moodsmitten will always have a place in my heart as the app that landed me my first iOS job, but it's not representative of my current knowledge as an iOS developer. Leaving an app like this high and dry on the App Store is the worst I could do, especially because it isn't even up to my current standards. I hope you understand.