Where have I been? Being a Nerd!


Hi! Sorry I've been on quite a long hiatus from blogging, but I have a great reason. I got a job doing exactly what I love, building iOS apps that matter. There was a lot of financial duress, broken hearts, sacrifices, and days out of the sun, but I've finally made it!

Of course, there's plenty to learn. Coding in Swift is like comfort food. for the most part, but git sometimes scares the shit out of me. For those non-programmers out there, git is a tool used to store versions of text, so you don't have to make copies upon copies of your work. It's simple on the outside, but there is a lot that can go wrong.

I'm working for The Nerdery, a custom software consultancy. Basically, it's a cooler, smarter competitor of Accenture and the like. The perks are amazing, and my coworkers are always willing to help out when I get stuck. It's the perfect place to grow and make great stuff!

My workflow has become less regimented and more casual, and I'm happy with it. I've abandoned the artisan database todo apps that so many of the Apple mind-share sure use and live out of the email app MailMate, the fantastic calendar app Fantastical (that was intentional), writing TODOs in my code, and taking notes in plain text in any program I feel like (BBEdit and TaskPaper). My MO right now is that if I don't remember something that isn't in the calendar or in the code, it's not important. I'm curious about NotePlan, a speedy plain-text (Markdown) todo list I just purchased with Calendar integration. TaskPaper is probably what I'll stick to for project-based files, but on a macro level, NotePlan could be helpful.

Anyway, I'll try to keep putting content up here. This is just a little personal update to hold you over. Cheers!