Showing up.


A well-known musician told me that the six most important things to be successful are "reliability, reliability, reliability, and availability, availability, availability." I did not think much of this advice. A young child is forced to adhere to the values of of their parents, and if they are somewhat decent, he will do somewhat decently. I started playing viola when I was three and a half and… [read more →]

Getting Comfortable with BBEdit


BBEdit is the crusty old man of Mac OS text editors. It was there when I was three years old, and it will probably outlive all of us. Barebones is a real company who consistently maintains and supports their applications— check out the friendly, good-humored and active Twitter account— and this stability gives me piece of mind not unlike Vim and Emacs users. I enjoy the… [read more →]

Editor Porn: a Call to Arms


Like productivity porn, text editor porn is everywhere in nerdland. There are countless posts describing complex workflows that involve writing a few words in a distraction-free Markdown editor, and then switching between five other similar apps and a few syncing services. This stuff turns us geeks on. It may be titillating to pipe Byword into FoldingText into Chocolat into Textmate into Vim into… [read more →]