Use TypeScript with Coderunner 2


CodeRunner 2 is a great OS X utility to run snippets of code on-the-fly in just about any language. Lately, I've been experimenting with Angular 2 and TypeScript. CodeRunner can't run TypeScript out-of-the-box, but it can be configured to run any language. Here's how: Make sure you have Node.js and TypeScript. If not: brew install node && npm install -g typescript Go to CodeRunner's… [read more →]

Software Ideas


I am filled with ideas and not enough time. I especially do not have time to learn Swift and the intricacies of OS X native UIs. Here are a couple concepts I've been mulling over. Feel free to crib them. HGH Text Append HGHTA allows for appending text to .txt, .taskpaper, .md files, and anything plain text. Also it can interact with third party APIs to append to shittier apps like Evernote and… [read more →]

BBEdit 11.5


Rich Siegel and his super star team at Barebones have come out with a major update of BBEdit. With 11.5, settings can now be synced with iCloud drive, folder comparison, Textmate-style escape completion, and bug fixes and changes galore. See the release notes for the 150+ improvements. BBEdit's search and replace functions and overall robustness are the first things I miss when I have to develop… [read more →]