Internet Excursions 5/2/15- Weekend Salvation Edition

I'm an evangelical weekend-lover— a firm believer that Fridays provide salvation from the grueling work week. I hope this salvation allows you to retool and refocus on your dreams. And enjoy these l… [read more →]

The Anti Power User: My experience with Omnifocus vs. Plain text vs. Things

I'm not a GTD guy. It is always a struggle for me to finish books, and in a half-dozen attempts, I've probably gotten halfway through the book (whether on audio or paper) before the office-flavor of… [read more →]

Internet Excursions April 20th 2015

So I'm going to give the Brett Terpstra-style link list a shot. Whisky (by Matt Gemmell) If you don't follow Matt Gemmell, you definitely should. He's a former programmer turned excellent writer. I… [read more →]