Getting Comfortable with BBEdit


BBEdit is the crusty old man of Mac OS text editors. It was there when I was three years old, and it will probably outlive all of us. Barebones is a real company who consistently maintains and supports their applications— check out the friendly, good-humored and active Twitter account— and this stability gives me piece of mind not unlike Vim and Emacs users. I enjoy the… [read more →]

Editor Porn: a Call to Arms


Like productivity porn, text editor porn is everywhere in nerdland. There are countless posts describing complex workflows that involve writing a few words in a distraction-free Markdown editor, and then switching between five other similar apps and a few syncing services. This stuff turns us geeks on. It may be titillating to pipe Byword into FoldingText into Chocolat into Textmate into Vim into… [read more →]

The 2014 Lashkovitz Awards: The best iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite apps of 2014

Welcome to Soundsmitten's first annual Lashkovitz awards. Yes, Lashkovitz. Before my time, the Lash family had the venerable Lashkovitz name, which was later shortened to its present form by either some tool in my family or that mofo island in that smelly-ass overcrowded American city which I love to loathe. Anyhow, let us move onward into this survey of the best software for Apple devices in… [read more →]