The Case of the Vanishing Vesper App


Vesper, a once-great notes app for iOS, has languished for quite some time. Typically I wouldn’t have a problem with the death of an app, but Vesper’s high-profile promotion and premium price encouraged me to put my trust in it and has left me dissatisfied. Brent Simmons, the technical brains behind Q Branch, left the supergroup to work at The Omni Group, the most awesome Apple shop to work at nex… [read more →]

A Code Newbie’s Impressions of iCloud Core Data vs ?? + CloudKit


I’m building an app right now where sync would be really helpful. The data in the app is very private and important. I’ve been looking into solutions for the last couple days. Because of the fear of Parse-repeats, the obvious solutions are the Apple-sanctioned ones: iCloud Core Data and CloudKit. iCloud Core Data is the older of the pair, but based on my experience as of user with apps using this sol… [read more →]

The State of Email Clients on the Apple Platform


Like any self-respecting hipster child, I was fascinated with email clients before email clients were a thing. Apps like Barebone’s Mailsmith, Qualcomm’s Eudora, Netscape’s sub-app which became Thunderbird, and even crusty old Outlook Express for Mac were in constant rotation at my house. Even that far back, I indulged my bad habit of jumping between applications, wishing that there was some sort o… [read more →]